phillip andrew bennett low
This site is really nothing more than a list of updates to the (sigh) many other blogs that I write for. These include:

[LME] Liberal Media Elite: I'm one of five writers for this political blog featuring a bunch of cranky, left-wing Minneapolis artists, in which group I function as something of the token conservative.

[LR] Libertarian Rage: My personal right-wing blog. I frequently cross-post to both of the above, and yet (perhaps on the virtue of their titles) they seem to garner entirely different readerships. It's sort of fascinating to see the different arguments that spin out of the comments sections.

[MV] Maximum Verbosity: The website for my Minneapolis theatre troupe. Infrequently updated, usually only when we have a new show in the works, but also hosts the Maximum Verbosity production blog, featuring regular updates about the doings of the company as well as my musings about art in general.

[WwaV] Womb with a View: spiritual successor to a prominent blog I used to write for the Minnesota Fringe Festival, the largest non-juried theatre festival in the country. Updated year-round with my reviews of the Twin Cities arts scene.